Registration cost:


• Registration is $90 before April 1st, $110 on April 1st and $130 on July 31st up to the registration limit of 350 riders.  Registration available on the day of the event if space available.

• We will have buses ($70) on Friday afternoon leaving Bay City Recreation area (overnight parking allowed at State Park) to Double JJ Ranch (Camping & Lodging discounts available and free shuttles on property). Visit odram.com for details.

• We will have buses ($70) on Saturday returning to Montague from Bay City, leaving starting at 6pm with last bus departing Bay City at 8pm.



Ask anyone who has completed the ride and you'll likely find that no 2 cyclocomputers agree, due to computer calibration errors and GPS accuracy and tracking methods.  Generally the accepted distance falls in the 147-152 mile range...your mileage [really] may vary.

Ride Difficulty


The first 80 miles until the official lunch stop on the west side of Blanchard have some rolling hills, but generally we are blessed with a prevailing tailwind, so the most challenging portion of the course presents itself while riders still have fresh legs (2014 was definitely the exception to this rule).  The roads are also overwhelmingly rural and present minimal car traffic, with the exception of a few communities (short stretches through Fremont and Bay City).

Bus Transport


If you purchase the Friday or Saturday bus options, this does include bike & overnight bag transport to/from Bay City.   There will be a drop station for bags to go to Bay City at Double JJ registration area on Saturday morning.   

Bag/Gear Transport


Your registration cost does include the ability for you to give the ODRAM organizers a bag for transport to Bay City on Saturday to be at the finish line!   Just look for the bag drop at Registration area on Saturday morning.  



Whether you buy or earn the awesome ODRAM gear available, you should know:  There will be updated 2022 cycling shorts and bibs to match the new 2022 jerseys.   We expect to have pictures to share in February.  


Fundraising & PledgeReg

Every registration on bikereg earns a registration on pledgereg.  This will mean you'll get two confirmation emails when you complete your registration for ODRAM.  We'd love for you to earn free gear by using the PledgeReg site to fundraise but is not a requirement.

If you need an off-line fundraising sheet, please check here.



The route can/will change up to a few days before ODRAM.  We post this route as what we've done in the past.  Changes can happen due to road construction, or other things that pop up so be sure to check back for the final copy!  Our team does one last route check early the week before ODRAM and we'll publish the final route on the front page!

We do have a route for SAG vehicles or any vehicles that are traveling near their cyclist. We ask that cars following cyclists not be on the cyclist route.  Please use the SAG route.   We post this 2019 SAG route as what we've done in the past.  Changes can happen due to road construction, or other things that pop up so be sure to check back for the final copy!