Pencil-in August 13 -- ODRAM 2016 is already in the works!  Watch the site in the coming months for 2016 ride changes and updates...

Barring road issues (hey, we live in Michigan, it happens), we’ll follow the traditional 145ish mile ODRAM route from Montague Middle School across the state to Bay City State Recreation Area.

We will continue to offer lunch, finishing celebration picnic along Lake Huron and 2 SAG stops, as well as ride-eve packet pickup.

Proceeds from ODRAM will again benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Ride to Cure Program.

Looking for an easy way to connect with other ODRAM participants, find ride buddies, transportation to/from the start, and have questions answered from seasoned riders? Check out our new Facebook group - ODRAM Riders Hub.

For more information, peruse the site, follow us on Facebook, and/or e-mail us with your comments, suggestions, and questions! Winter will pass...

Some kind words from a happy past ODRAM rider:
2013 Reflection: 
Was ODRAM was my most enjoyable ride? (You bet it was!) 
I'm the guy who had the hotel room sold out from under me 5 minutes before I arrived. 
The guy who had to drive to Grand Rapids at 1:00 am to get a few hours sleep. 
The guy who showed up at registration tired and pissed off. 
The last person to start.... 
The guy in the RAIN jersey the rest stop crews were looking for so they knew when to close. (After asking if I passed anyone). 
The guy who is allergic to bees and was stung on the ankle about 20 miles before lunch. Subsequently, my wife gets lost while trying to find me, the kids are petrified that I am in a ditch left for dead.. 
So, it sounded pretty bleak didn't it? 
Why was it my favorite event? 
That's because the great fellow riders and ODRAM staff were wonderful. 
I caught up with some riders before the first stop. One was from Indy, and the other from Berrien Springs. The let me join in with them to let my legs recover. 
The lunch stop was excellent. Man, I would love to get the recipe for the lemon cookies. I'll be ready to inquire next year. 
And then there were the folks from the Auburn IN, area. They let me ride with them for quite a while. Very nice at an easy going pace. 
Lastly, there were the Indy boys I hooked up with at the last stop. They hauled ass, and it felt great. Before I knew it, we were coming in for a landing (legs were still fresh). 
We crossed the finish line shortly after the spill in the gravel group. By then the arch had developed a leak and was down. I mentioned that the end was rather anti-climatic and unfortunately one of the committee members overheard me. 
So, I really don't know what I'm trying to say. I was delt a few lemons before the ride, appeared to likely be a bit of an ass at times, but walked away with my best experience of the year. 
ODRAM was inspiring, not to just me, but to my wife also. A couple weeks ago we purchased her bike. 
I can't wait to share the road, interesting people, and fantastic lemon cookies with her in 2014!! Thanks again. 
Jeff Simon