Ride Day Notes

2017 Ride Day Notes

  1. Bus riders will be leaving their cars at Montague Middle School. No parking permit is required.
  2. You will receive a bag at registration with your ODRAM schwag and ODRAM merchandise youpurchased along with some goodies. We’ll also have some odds and ends for sale.
  3. Early Packet pick up is open on Friday from 4:00pm until 8:00pm at Montague Middle School.
  4. Ride day registration opens at 6:00am at Montague Middle School and closes at 8:00am. If you plan to begin your ride before sunrise (6:45am) please use proper lighting.
  5. There is a rest stop before lunch (just past Hardy Dam, 42 miles in) on the north side of the road. It will be open from 8:30am until 11:30am. There may be pirates there.
  6. DON’T MISS THE RIGHT TURN IN MORLEY. It’s only a hundred yards after the left turn by the parking lot with the corn in it, but it’s a state highway and it’s a challenge to safely and durably paint marks. We go in to Morley on 3rd street and come out on 4th street. If you miss the turn you will go to Big Rapids, and nobody in Big Rapids is grilling a hamburger for you.
  7. Lunch is at the Blanchard Wesleyan Church, at roughly mile 72. Guests may purchase a lunch ticket for $5 at registration or at lunch. We ask that those who do not have a ticket not eat from the provided food; lunch is intended for hungry riders! The church generally has a bake sale goin’ gangbusters, there, in any case.
  8. There’s gonna be 2 miles of gravel at mile 87 due to a complete washout of the main road. It ain’t ideal, but the paved road options over that way are pretty thin. Leave extra space with other riders, keep your body relaxed, find the smooth bits, and you’ll be fine. Odds are it’ll be smoother than some of the pavement.
  9. There is another rest stop after lunch at Gordonville United Methodist Church, 114 miles in. This stop will be open from 1:00pm until 5:30pm. Please note that the Gordonville UMC has a couple of young members with severe nut allergies, so nut-containing food is not allowed in the building. There will be food outside, and probably a whole lot more food (and air conditioning) in the basement!
  10. I totally forgot to paint “D’OH” at Homer Road. I was racing a rain storm...
  11. Showers are available at Bay City – they’re free, but you’ll need to see an organizer for a ticket.
  12. Cookout at the finish will be open until 8:00pm. You can bring your own alcoholic beverages if
    desired. Guests may join at the cookout for $5; tickets are available at registration or at the finish.
  13. There have been challenges with SAG vehicles on the route in previous years. SAG vehicles will be given a different route with designated spots to meet your riders. Please respect all of the riders and local traffic and use the SAG route. A printable map for SAG drivers and SAG driver advice is on the website.
  14. Lastly, please see the website for FAQ's, post stuff on the ODRAM Rider’s Hub on Facebook, or contact us at odraminfo@gmail.com with other questions.

2017 ODRAM SAG & Support notes

Again this year, we need to have support vehicles follow a different route than riders - with as many riders as we’ve had in the last couple of years, having vehicles on the same route has caused some traffic issues that we want to avoid. Personal SAG vehicles are to follow state route M-20, which is 10 miles or so north of the cycling route. Points where riders & vehicles can meet are listed below, with suggested addresses (as well as the address for the finish at Bay City State Recreation Area). SAG drivers and support people can purchase exclusive ODRAM SAG t-shirts, lunch & dinner tickets, and cowbells at the start.

The SAG route map is on the back. Vehicles should go north on US-31 to the New Era/M-20/Stony Lake Road exit (exit 140), and go east from there. There’s one spot where M-20 goes north along with US131; that’s marked on the map. There, you’ll stay on 8-Mile road and a couple of other country roads until M-20 rejoins you west of Remus.
There are 4 easy opportunities for vehicles to meet:
  1. West end of Fremont from M-20 drive south on Stone Road to Main St. in Fremont. There are a number of gas stations and convenience stores along Main where you can meet with riders. Suggested address: 1016 W. Main St., Fremont, MI 49412
  2. Village of Morley from 8 Mile just west of Stanwood, go south on Northland Drive. In Morley, this becomes Cass Street. Suggested address: 984 S. Cass St, Morley, MI 49336
  3. The lunch stop, west of Blanchard from M-20, go south on Isabella County Line Road (possibly marked as CostaBella) to the village of Blanchard, then west on Jackson Road watch for cyclists! Blanchard Wesleyan Church is about a 3⁄4 of a mile west on Jackson. Address: 542 Jackson Rd, Blanchard, MI 49310
  4. The town of Shepherd take M-20 in to Mt. Pleasant, then take the US-127 business loop to US-127. From US-127, take the Shepherd exit (exit 135) and go west. There’s a gas station/convenience store on the east end of town. Suggested address: 109 E. Blanchard Rd., Shepherd, MI 48883
From Shepherd, go ahead and carefully follow the same route as the riders for the rest of the way to the finish line at the Bay City State Recreation Area.

The address for the park is 3582 State Park Dr., Bay City, MI 48706

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A SAG VEHICLE EVER FOLLOW A RIDER. This creates an unsafe and illegal traffic impediment that risks the future of the event! ODRAM roads are open to local traffic users who will grow very impatient with us if we don’t act responsibly. Riders will have regular opportunities to purchase food and drinks from gas stations along the route - $50 will get a rider across the state EASILY without any additional support. There is reasonable cell phone coverage along the entire route, too.