Gear & Fundraising

We're offering the opportunity to purchase or EARN a complete ODRAM kit + accessories for 2018.  They can be ordered when you register or independent of registration -- OR you can even raise money for the JDRF and qualify for FREE kit items!  Hit our page (up there on the clicking on the registration link OR the jersey image) to order your gear.  The jerseys and vests are Primal Wear sport cut and seem to fit very appropriate to their sizing chart.

1. Raise funds for JDRF. See attached pledge sheet.
Online Fundraising
2. Send checks payable to:
℅ Third Coast Cycling
11881 Mistral Lane
Grand Haven, MI 49417 
3. Include your name and item sizes.
4. Tell all that pledged, that they helped you find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.

Fundraising Tiers:
  1. $100 - Cycling Cap
  2. $250 - Jersey
  3. $500 - Full 2018 Kit
  4. $1000 - Free 2018 ODRAM ride + all premiums
  5. $5000 - Earn your way to a FREE JDRF Ride to Cure event in 2019!!

If you are unable to raise funds, you may purchase all of the above ODRAM kit items. Either way, an ODRAM kit will make the event more memorable and is a great way to let all your riding buddies know that you rode ODRAM and you support JDRF.

  • Jersey - $65
  • Bib Shorts - $90
  • Shorts - $75
  • T-shirt - $15

To place a jersey order without fundraising....
1. Go to the Bikereg website.
2. Select your jersey size.
3. Click on the "register without login" option at the bottom of the page (you will have to fill out all the demographic info again).
4. Continue through payment on the website.

To receive your ODRAM items on ride day, pledges or direct purchase must be completed by July 15. Please contact us if you expect to take the fundraising option. Pledges or direct purchases made after July 15 will mean your jersey will be mailed to you after the ride.