What does it cost to participate in ODRAM?
Early registration - $55
After March 31st - $65
After July 21 - $75
After August 8 - $80

How many miles is the ODRAM route?
Ask anyone who has completed the ride and you'll likely find that no 2 cyclocomputers agree, due to computer calibration errors and GPS accuracy and tracking methods.  Generally the accepted distance falls in the 147-152 mile range...your mileage [really] may vary.

How difficult is the route?
The first 80 miles until the official lunch stop on the west side of Blanchard have some rolling hills, but generally we are blessed with a prevailing tailwind, so the most challenging portion of the course presents itself while riders still have fresh legs (2014 was definitely the exception to this rule).  The roads are also overwhelmingly rural and present minimal car traffic, with the exception of a few communities (short stretches through Fremont and Bay City).

Is ODRAM a ride that only really hardcore cyclists can complete?
No way!  Cyclists of all ability and experience levels can and do finish ODRAM...most even roll into the finish party with an ear-to-ear grin on their face (a phenomenon known as "BikeFace").  If you can complete a century, you can pedal ODRAM.  The hardcore folks do the return ride (MARDO - Mad Ass Ride Do-Over) into the prevailing winds the following day.

Do most riders ride in packs / pace lines?
Generally the stream of riders making their way across the state is made up of groups of 5 or more, usually organized before the ride.  Some groups of 3-5 develop during the day.  Small duos and trios of riders are also common.

How many riders do you expect?
ODRAM has grown exponentially over the past several years and we anticipate ~500 riders will be rolling cross-state in 2019.

Is there a forum or central message board where I can contact other riders?
Our Facebook group - ODRAM Riders Hub is perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to connect with other ODRAM riders, find ride buddies, transportation to/from the start, and to have questions answered from seasoned ODRAM participants. Check out our Facebook informational page for more general ride communication from the organizers.

What kind of bike do you recommend?
What kind of milage should we be putting in by the summer?
A road bike is definitely recommended, although other styles of bicycles have been ridden for the event in the past. Most of our riders have a 100 mile ride under their belt sometime during the year. I would recommend you are comfortable spending at least 10 hours on your bicycle (10 hours at 15 miles per hour) or more if you will ride slower. Most riders take off at sunrise - about 6:30am and most are finished by 6:30pm.

Are the roads (turns) marked?
Yes the road is marked for all turns and we will also have some "yard signs." We will also provide a map at the start.

Where will the 2019 ride start?
We have greatly outgrown our traditional ride start location at Meinert Park.  Starting in 2019 ODRAM will roll from Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, MI!  We will offer packet pick-up and ride-eve registration at Double JJ, in addition to numerous on-site lodging options.

What time does the ride start?
You can start as early as you wish, but we recommend starting anytime in the 5-8:30AM window to guarantee making it across before we close up the finish line celebration picnic at 8pm. Riders starting before sunrise will especially want full headlight/taillight arrangements on their bikes. Lights are advised for all riders for visibility in the early morning, as well as later in the day.

If we pay for the registration and one bus ride to Rothbury on Friday will there be someone to take our overnight bag back to Bay City for us?
Absolutely, we have a truck to transport the bicycles (wrapped in blankets) back to Rothbury from Bay City which can also haul camping gear over to the Bay City finish on ride day.

Is there ride packet pickup the day before the ride?
Friday night packet pickup will be offered at Double JJ Resort (the same location as the ride start) from 3-8pm and again dark-and-early Saturday AM, from 6-8.

I've heard that as of 2013 ODRAM was no longer an "unsupported" ride.  Details?
In the past ODRAM has only provided lunch and the finish celebration picnic but, by popular request, we have added SAG stops between the start and lunch stop as well as between lunch and the finish.  On-route mechanical SAG is still the responsibility of riders, as it has been since the earliest days of ODRAM.

How prevalent are bike shops along the route?
Unfortunately, the only bike shop previously on the route has closed. This is considered a self-supported ride but many other riders have SAG vehicles. In case of a major mechanical issue, other cyclist have been able to partner with another SAG driver to help/transport. Join the ODRAM Riders Hub Facebook group as a way to connect with other riders before the event.

How many sag stops are there total? 
2 sag stops along the route (with sweet and salty snacks, water, and sport drink powder) + a lunch and finish line meal. There are also many options for snack stops at convenience stores along the way which will be identified on the map provided on ride day. Last year's map will give you an approximation of the route and convenience store availability.

Can my SAG driver(s) also eat at the lunch stop and finish celebration picnic?
By all means, yes!  For $10, SAG support crew can share lunch and dinner with their riders. Meals can be purchased in-advance when registering for ODRAM (purchasing in-advance also helps organizers plan on an appropriate quantity of food).  We will also be offering a special SAG package, which includes a special SAG t-shirt.  We sold out fast on these shirts last year.

Is there potential to get gluten free lunch options? 
We are committed to vegan meals and Gluten Free may also be an option this year.  Further info. will follow closer to ride day.

Should SAG vehicles drive an alternate route, with pre-planned meeting points?
Most definitely, yes.  As of 2014 we have supplied a SAG-specific route, to help ensure the safety of riders and prevent overly congested traffic on the quiet ride route.

We vehemently request that SAG drivers stick to this route, for the safety of riders and continued goodwill from local communities.

What will greet me at the ride finish?
The finish line and cookout celebration takes place in a pavilion at the Bay City State Recreation area.

A restroom will be available in our pavilion and showers will be available across the street at the campground. Please see an ODRAM volunteer at the finish to get a pass to access the showers (we have to pay to access the showers).

We have an alcohol permit, so feel free to BYOB to enjoy in the pavilion area only.

We've arranged for it to be free to park your cars/trucks at Montague High School to drop off riders, but Bay City is a state recreation area and requires a "vehicle entrance permit." Bicycles do not require permits, but your car/truck will need one. A daily permit will be available (if you do not have a state park permit already) for $6.00 as you enter the park.

Is there a ride cut-off time?
ODRAM officially ends at 8pm.  Plan your start time accordingly so that you will be safely in Bay City to celebrate your accomplishment with other riders and accounted for by ODRAM organizers well before dark.

If for some reason someone can't make it all the way from Rothbury to the finish in Bay City, will there be a pickup option? 
ODRAM started as an completely unsupported ride (no Sag, no meals, no frills) and we have added stops as described above but have not added mid-ride shuttles. In the past there have been plenty of groups that have arranged SAG support and have been more that willing to help out other riders if trouble arises.  The ODRAM Riders Hub group on Facebook is a great resource for arranging SAG with other riders and finding ride day buddies.

How do I get back to the western side of the state?
The option of a bus shuttle is provided to return riders to Rothbury.  Your bike will follow safely along in a transport truck with many other 2-wheeled friends. The return transportation is available for $50, leaving no later than 8:00pm. Pack service is also available for one bag labeled with your name from the ride start to the finish.

Parking for those people riding the bus back to Rothbury will be available at a lot next to the picnic shelter where registration occurs. Please make sure you get a bus card at registration so we can make sure no one is left behind that has paid for the bus.

If we want to stay at the hotel instead will the Friday bus drop of us of at the Comfort Inn?
The bus may be able to stop at the Comfort Inn, but if not we will have drivers available to get you there from the registration location.

Is it pronounced OhDRAM or OddDRAM?
Although we have been accused of being odd, our preferred pronunciation is Oh-Dram.

What's the dirt on the official ODRAM kit?
We're offering flashy jerseys, and shorts for 2019. They can be ordered when you register or independent of registration -- OR you can even raise money for the JDRF and qualify for FREE items…or even a complete kit (click ODRAM Gear tab, up top for more info.).  Hit our BikeReg.com page (up there on the left...by clicking on the registration link OR the jersey image) to order your jersey.  The jerseys are Primal Wear sport cut and seem to fit very appropriate to their sizing chart.

Is there a way to earn a free kit?
ODRAM offers a fundraising program that can help you earn free kit items or even a full kit by raising money for the JDRF West MI Ride Team.  More info. can be found on our gear page.

Is there a ride-eve carb-loading dinner?
For 2019 we have a fantastic dinner option the night before the big ride. Due to popular demand, Double JJ will be generously offering all you can eat pasta dinner w/salad & non-alcoholic drink for $10.

Is there a hashtag for sharing our experiences in real-time on social media?
We'd love to see hundreds of posts via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like.  #ODRAM and #ODRAM2019 are already appearing as popular tags for photos, posts, and tweets re: ODRAM.

Contact us if there are questions you would like to see answered on this page.