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ODRAM volunteers help make it the best ride in the state of Michigan!
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Cindy Holzgen
Sponsor Sleuth
Cindy's duties include helping to organize the ODRAM ride, finding sponsors, and generating interest so the ride can continue to grow.  Along the way she has also received some great feedback that will help improve the ride in the future!

She has been fundraising for JDRF for 10 years and has completed 11 JDRF Ride to Cure events. Through this organization she's met some awesome people and is hoping to play a role in finding a cure for a horrible disease that affects so many.

Tom Miller
Registration Chair
38 years ago and three weeks before his college graduation, Tom asked his doctor why he was feeling so crummy, losing weight without trying, lethargic, thirsty all the time and peeing like a race horse 15 times per day. After a five hour blood test he was told, "You're a Type 1 Diabetic". No way, Tom thought, "I was a 22 year old thoroughbred." Now, years later, diagnosis is easier and treatments have drastically improved. 

Research is on the verge of finding the cure. That's why Tom constantly raises funds by riding his bike and organizing rides like ODRAM. JDRF is the front runner in research and until they find a cure, he'll do his best to help fund research.  2017 will be his 9th national ride with the JDRF Ride to Cure program.

Chris Radford
Voice of ODRAM
When ODRAM was in need of an organizer, Chris saw the opportunity to raise money for JDRF. Chris rides with his son Scott (diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when hospitalized at 11 years old) on the JDRF West Michigan Ride Team and has contributed to 4 national rides. Chris dreams of the day when ODRAM hosts thousands of riders and a cure is found for type 1 diabetes. With the help of our sponsors and participants, ODRAM continues to be a growing fundraiser to help find a cure for diabetes.
Tom Scheidel
Media/Marketing Maven
Tom is our media guy. He’s a film maker, produces our brochure, and generally works on our marketing materials. Tom has been an active, if not especially good, athlete his entire life. He’s played competitive basketball and volleyball, is a frequent hiker and rock climber, and has been known to ride his bike for great distances. His first century ride was on his 48th birthday in Death Valley, California. Tom is an original member of the JDRF West Michigan Ride Team and annually raises thousands of dollars for diabetes research. He rides for his son Jake who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 19 years ago.